ATI decontamination chamber created for children's hospital


The hospital has created the specialist chamber for the decontamination of medical equipment within its own hospital and other local NHS facilities

ATi UK is proud to be joining forces with well-known children’s hospital to create a state of the art decontamination chamber, which will help in the fight against COVID-19.

The children’s hospital has created the specialist chamber for the decontamination of medical equipment within its own hospital and other local NHS facilities.

This pioneering H202 gas detection system makes full use of the innovative IsoMon system, part of ATi UK’s PharmaSafe range, with dual, fixed hydrogen peroxide F12/D monitors and high range and low range smart sensors. A fully automated sample switching arrangement uses the most appropriate sensor for the measurement.

In addition to the IsoMon system, the ATi D16 portable PortaSens lll gas monitor is also used. The added capabilities of the IsoMon system validates the decontamination process by proving efficacy, allows for protection against over-gassing and controls unauthorised access to the room. This versatile system also controls dosing times and venting, post decontamination.

ATi UK’s IsoMon dual-channel gas detection system has revolutionised the way sterilisation cycles are processed, monitoring the complete decontamination process from start to finish and measuring gas levels of both high and low concentration.

This unique system was primarily developed to address the sterilisation needs of the pharmaceutical, biological, medical device manufacturing, defence, industrial, healthcare and food packaging industries, but can also be deployed to reduce the occurrence of hospital-acquired infections and even the decontamination of aircraft cabins.

The two-channel detector measures both high and low gas concentrations in sterilised environments, proving that peroxide levels have reached a high enough level for sanitisation AND that they are safe following sterilisation.

The IsoMon was developed by ATi UK to meet the market need for simultaneous high level concentration measurements and low-level verification.  Hydrogen peroxide is extensively used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries to sanitise working environments. It is often necessary to make measurements at a high range to ensure that sanitisation has taken place and then to have to take a measurement at a much lower range.  This ensures that either the area is safe to re-enter (room monitoring) or that product can be introduced (isolator monitoring).

It is not possible to make these measurements with a single sensor, the high range H2O2 concentration would saturate the low range sensor and the high range sensor does not have good enough resolution at the low range.  It was with this is in mind that ATi developed the dual sensor IsoMon with a fully automated sample-switching arrangement that uses the most appropriate sensor for the measurement. This protects the low sensor and gives the most appropriate measuring range.

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