MAT reveals practical critical ventilation strategy and action against COVID-19


The company outlines its plans to support the NHS through the COVID-19 pandemic

Sketch showing how MAT can convert operating theatre suites into negative pressure isolation suites

Medical Air Technology (MAT) is a specialist in critical ventilation for hospitals and an active member of the Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare Premises Society (SVHPSoc). As a company committed to patient and staff protection and highly experienced in the provision of critical ventilation, it is doing everything it can to support the NHS through the COVID-19 pandemic.

MAT is presently assisting the UK’s hospitals and patients by converting positive pressure critically ventilated spaces into temporary/emergency negative pressure patient isolation treatment areas. These works are quick to implement, with minimal interruption to the running of the department.

MAT engineers can:

1. Convert multi-patient positive general wards into negative pressure isolation wards with minimum disruption

2. Convert operating theatre suites into negative pressure isolation suites with minimum disruption

3. Provide positive pressure protection at nurses' stations to help protect staff

4. Ensure extract air is HEPA filtered to avoid cross contamination

5. Carry out touchless H2O2 disinfection to any departments requiring decontamination

In order to make its services as accessible as possible to as many healthcare providers are possible, MAT is currently operating on a day rate basis to assess current ventilation status and suitability regarding implementation of the above strategies.

MAT engineers are located all over the UK, so they can get to customers quickly to determine how they can work with them to alleviate some of the key urgent issues facing the NHS and private healthcare facilities as a result of the current outbreak.

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