New Fusion-IP nurse call platform from Static Systems


Static Systems communications solution is a radical step forward in nurse call technology

Operating on the principal of distributed intelligence for added reliability, the New Fusion-IP nurse call platform from Static Systems replaces the traditional reliance on hardware and single protocol solutions and instead concentrates on delivering multi-disciplined, site-wide communication through open-protocol software.

This leading edge technology can be easily and effectively integrated with industry standard protocols, including IP and wireless technologies. Depending upon building layout and existing wiring infrastructure, Fusion-IP can be 'loop', 'star' and 'bus' wired, making it one of the most versatile systems available and often negating the need to install system-specific cabling.

Fusion-IP’s open architecture and platform independence allows it to grow into one integrated communications system supporting a range of applications (Apps) to meet the different demands of a worldwide market.

For new build projects Fusion-IP offers a healthcare communications system with a wide range of Apps. For established hospitals, the ongoing refurbishment of rooms, wards and buildings can benefit from the compatibility of Fusion-IP with existing systems and wiring infrastructures.

At ward level, facilities such as bed transfer, nurse presence and VoIP telephony can all be added to improve nursing efficiency and enhance patient care in line with HTM 08-03 recommendations and the latest healthcare practices. In addition, Fusion-IP can be easily integrated with other systems such as fire, medical gas and BMS to provide local indication and feedback of alarms and incidents.

Fusion-IP also brings improvements in many site-wide facilities such as cardiac alarm, personnel attack alarm and Smartphone connectivity with remote interrogation.

SSG’s Group Technical Director, Mike Cardew, said: “The reaction to Fusion-IP was very encouraging and positive. The introduction is timely and will transform the way communications technology is applied in 21st Century healthcare environments.

“In line with current communications thinking our Fusion-IP technology integrates with other IP enabled systems connected to a hospital's local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) – all at minimum cost and effort, and with high security. In short, Fusion-IP is a sustainable and future-proof solution for both new and established healthcare estates.”

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Fusion-IP epitomises the knowledge, skills and vision of Static Systems Group which has a long and enviable reputation in nurse call technology.