Olympus unveils new microscope


CX21 Series offers increased flexibility for routine and educational microscopy

Olympus has unveiled the new CX22 microscopes for routine and educational microscopy.

Building on the success of the CX21 series, the new range features a bigger field of view and increased flexibility when it comes to altering the height of the eye point, making them ideal for use in an educational setting where users are changing frequently and have different levels of expertise.

A spokesman said: “Objectives and specimens can be protected from damage during focusing by a lock in the upper stage and significantly smoother operation is achieved by utilising a wire-driven stage. For even greater piece of mind, the eyepieces, objectives and condenser are all secured to the microscope frame, preventing the accidental loss or damage that could occur to the components if they were loose. In addition, the power cord can be wound around a hanger provided at the rear of each system, facilitating easy transport and storage.”

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The Olympus CX22 series includes both the CX22 and CX22LED microscopes. The CX22 utilises a halogen lamp, which enables easy intensity adjustment and facilitates the observation of images with faithful colour reproduction. The CX22LED provides a long-service life and offers low power consumption and natural colour tones. Both systems have the added benefit of employing objectives, eyepieces and observation tubes, which have all undergone anti-fungus treatment, of particular importance when the microscopes are used in hot humid environments. On top of all these benefits, the series has also been designed to deliver on-going performance, even in harsh environments and under rigorous use.