Safety hinge removes possibility of trapped fingers


Intastop Finger Safety Hinge comes with lifetime guarantee

Door hinges and small fingers have never been a winning combination and continue to pose a health and safety issue to establishments across a variety of sectors.

But this could soon become a thing of the past as leading manufacturer of door and wall protection, Intastop, has drawn on its previous experience and technologies to create a finger safety hinge which will prevent fingers being caught in the hinge opening side of the door. It also comes with a cast iron guarantee to last the lifetime of the door it’s being fitted to, which means protected fingers for years to come.

The unique continuous geared mechanism allows door hinges to rotate smoothly without creating the typical gap where small fingers can fit, meaning the door is entirely suitable for educational, nursing, healthcare and childcare establishments.

"Our Finger Safety Hinge provides the perfect solution to this common problem and is easily fitted to new or existing doors," said Sarah Barsby, marketing director at Intastop.

"This specialised hinge will eliminate the possibility of trapping fingers in the hinge side of the door, giving owners and maintenance engineers complete peace of mind."

She added: "Our Finger Safety Hinge is very popular with schools, nurseries and specialist child healthcare units as it reduces worry for staff and parents, as well as ensuring caretakers and maintenance engineers experience continued reliability with little or no ongoing maintenance requirements."

In addition to the safety benefits, the hinge is also impact resistant which puts an end to the possibility of doors splitting on impact and is discreet enough to be aesthetically pleasing. Performance tested to 1.5 million cycles, the hinge is robust to support any level of usage and will last for the lifetime of the door, making them commercially viable in comparison to traditional knuckle hinges, which may require regular replacement in such heavy traffic areas.

Furthermore, there is little or no maintenance required due to the even weight distribution of the door in comparison to alternative hinges where the weight is centred in certain points, making the product attractive to maintenance professionals too.

The Finger Safety Hinge is fire tested to BS476: Part 20 & 22 for 30 minutes and can also resolve door alignment problems such as doors dropping.

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Intastop remains a market leader in the healthcare and public sectors for door and wall protection due its knowledge, expertise and ability to develop products that fulfil customer requirements.