Shrouded in confidence as premium safety hinge gets covered


Intastop’s Shrouded Double Swing Hinge benefits from new shroud, reducing ligature and finger entrapment risk

A door hinge that delivers unrivalled safety standards for its anti-trap credentials has undergone a range expansion to support demand across the mental health, healthcare, and education sectors.

Intastop’s Shrouded Double Swing Hinge now benefits from a shroud which encases the hinge mechanism, reducing the risk of finger entrapment and ligature issues.

“Our new Shrouded Double Swing Hinge will bring a whole new safety feature to our extensive range of hinges in our product portfolio and has unswerving reliability and compliance to fire safety standards,” said Phil Barsby, business development director at Intastop.

“We continue to develop products to support the needs of facilities managers who place building user safety at the top of their specification, refurbishment and maintenance agendas, while balancing the practicalities of access.”

The hinge has its gears encased and is available in a variety of finishes including anodised aluminium, wood effect.

The shroud has zero pinch points, making it safe for fingers and reducing ligature opportunities.

The shroud has been designed to allow the door a pivot greater than 90° in one direction and greater than 180° overall in both directions, ensuring accessibility with speed and ease is possible.

Equally important, the hinge is fire safety tested to 30 minutes, delivering excellent safety benefits.

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Additionally, the full-length hinge is extremely easy to install and is suitable for retrofit projects.

And, due to its robustness, doors do not drop during use in high-traffic areas and, as they are easy to clean, they can play their part in infection control in the healthcare sector, too.