UK’s first spectral-detector CT scanner installed at the Ulster Independent Clinic


Device enables retrospective application of spectral image analysis from a single scan

The Ulster Independent Clinic has invested £1.5m in a Philips iQon, the world’s-first and only spectral detector CT.

The device delivers multiple layers of retrospective data in a single, low-dose scan, helping to improve clinical confidence by removing the need to prospectively make diagnostic decisions.

Consultant radiologist, Dr Peter Ball, from Ulster Hospital in Belfast and Ulster Clinic said: “This advanced technology is effectively redefining how we scan patients and the subsequent course of treatment.

"It will enable us to deliver significant benefits for patients both diagnostically and prognostically as we can now provide faster, safer diagnostic screening which gives us a clear breakdown of the scanned tissue, for faster treatment planning.

For example, in a case where a patient has renal stones the IQon scanner will illustrate what type of stones we are dealing with, enabling prompt, confident diagnosis and improved clinical outcomes.”

He added: “The IQon scanner has effectively taken CT technology to another level.

"We are only beginning to discover what we can do with the multiple layers of information it provides, and we are excited about its ability to help us deliver enhanced patient care in the future.”

UK’s first spectral-detector CT scanner installed at the Ulster Independent Clinic

By delivering spectral results 100% of the time in a single scan, the valuable clinical insights allows the physician to influence clinical workflow, patient care and economic outcomes by decreasing the number of patient findings that are indeterminate. It also allows expansion of clinical capabilities to all patients, even for the most-challenging scenarios by facilitating enhanced tissue characterisation and visualisation and also full use of dose management tools.

Chairman of the Ulster Independent Clinic, Dr Kieran Fitzpatrick said: "This is a significant investment for the clinic, which is very much aligned with our aim to provide an unrivalled level of care for our patients.

As a leading private healthcare provider in Northern Ireland, we are committed to investing in the most-advanced technology available, and the IQon scanner is set to transform our diagnostic capabilities.

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"We are currently taking part in a collaborative network with the other IQon users worldwide, sharing vital information which will enable us to maximise the full potential of the technology and further benefit our patients.”